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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Upcoming events

    • 23 Apr 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT)
    • Back Forty Texas BBQ - 100 Coggins Drive, Pleasant Hill

    Our special guest and speaker at our General Membership meeting this Friday, April 23rd at Back 40 BBQ shall be noted Attorney JASON BEZIS.  He will speak on “FIGHTING CITY HALL” - FPPC complaints (including his landmark FPPC case for illegal expenditure of public funds on political campaigns), the anti-SLAPP law, ballot question language abuse and more.  

    You won’t want to miss this informative presentation.  You can fight “CITY HALL” – and win.

    With the recently regained ability to make more choices about moving around more freely in the state and county, Contra Costa Taxpayers Association will be holding its annual General Membership meeting IN PERSON, face-to-face (or more accurately mask-to-mask) indoors at Back Forty Barbecue in Pleasant Hill on April 23, 2021 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

    We will have a short meeting, introduction of Board members, and handouts on pending issues.  

    In the interest of ongoing safety, the buffet (turkey/brisket) will be plated by masked staff from behind sneeze shield for you and tables will be appropriately spaced with seating to allow distance.  We will have the large room using 25% capacity. 

Past events

09 Apr 2021 LUNCHTIME SPEAKER SERIES - MARC JOFFE, Senior Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation
19 Mar 2021 LUNCHTIME SPEAKER SERIES - RUSSELL WATTS, Contra Costa Treasurer-Tax Collector
12 Feb 2021 Lunchtime Speaker Series - Joe Nation Speaking on the California Pension Tracker
22 Jan 2021 Lunchtime Speaker Series - DAVID WOLFE on Proposition 19 and Current Legislative Matters
01 Dec 2020 Lunchtime Speaker Series Bernard Ashcraft, CEO/Founder of The “Bay Area Business Round Table” (BABRT) - Presentation Sponsored by PG&E
14 Oct 2020 Hercules City Council Candidate Forum
09 Oct 2020 Virtual Speaker Event Via Zoom - Michael Shellenberger
25 Sep 2020 September 25, 2020 Virtual COCOTAX General Membership Meeting
28 Aug 2020 Virtual Speaker Event Via Zoom - Robert Brown Director, Bay Area Region and CA Regional Affairs Western States Petroleum Association
21 Aug 2020 Virtual Speaker Event via ZOOM Rhovy Lyn Antonio, California Apartment Association
05 Aug 2020 Virtual Speaker Event via ZOOM Debora Allen, BART Board Director
31 Jul 2020 Virtual Speaker Event via ZOOM Hon. Mike McGill, Central Sanitary District
22 Jul 2020 Virtual Speaker Event via ZOOM RecycleSMART (Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority)
12 Jun 2020 Family Home Protection and Fairness in Property Tax Act of 2020 Virtual Meeting
27 Mar 2020 Canceled - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Jen Faught, Contract Compliance Specialist, RecycleSmart
28 Feb 2020 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Thomas A. Rubin - Bay Area Transit and Potential FASTER Bay Area Proposals
01 Feb 2020 West County CoCoTax Meeting
24 Jan 2020 Housing Legislation 2019 & 2020 Projections
16 Jan 2020 Taxifornia: The Past, Present and Future of the Golden State
22 Nov 2019 Understanding California’s New Statewide Rent and Eviction Controls
25 Oct 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Bill Churchill, Assistant General Manager of Administration, County Connection
27 Sep 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Maureen Toms, Deputy Director-Policy Planning Division, Department of Conservation and Development, Contra Costa County
23 Aug 2019 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker - Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
05 Aug 2019 West County branch of CoCoTax Meeting - Guest Speaker BART Director Debora Allen
26 Jul 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker David Twa, County Administrator and Clerk of the Board
11 Jul 2019 "GBU" Awards Dinner & Annual Meeting
28 Jun 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Lisa Borba, President, Contra Costa Water District Board of Directors
01 Jun 2019 David Wolfe, Legislative Director of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
24 May 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Roger Bailey, General Manager and CEO, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
26 Apr 2019 Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Russell Watts, County Treasurer Sponsored by Mike Moore & John Phillips
22 Mar 2019 Threats and Optimism for Taxpayers from the California Legislature - David Wolfe, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Sponsored by Mike Moore and David Van Etten
22 Feb 2019 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - BART Director Debora Allen Sponsored by Patsy Ronat
13 Feb 2019 "Have We Hit Rock Bottom?' - The Silver Lining in the Cloud
25 Jan 2019 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - Don Tatzin: "With Permission to Speak Freely"
03 Dec 2018 West County Meeting
05 Nov 2018 West County Meeting
26 Oct 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting
28 Sep 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting
10 Sep 2018 West County Meeting
24 Aug 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting
06 Aug 2018 West County Meeting
27 Jul 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - Robert Campbell, Auditor-Controller
22 Jun 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker - David Twa, County Administrator and Clerk of the Board
25 May 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar Joseph E. Canciamilla
27 Apr 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - BART Director Debora Allen
28 Mar 2018 CoCoTax East Inaugural Meeting - Economic Development in East County
23 Mar 2018 Monthly Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker - Director, John A. Coleman, EBMUD
23 Feb 2018 Breakfast Meeting - Transportation in Contra Costa County
26 Jan 2018 Breakfast Meeting - Plans for 2018 and a Review of 2017
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