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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Current President's Report

D-Day President’s Report

This will be my last report as CoCoTax President. Our new president will be approved this month by the Board of Directors. If the board wishes, I will continue in the Executive Director position through the transition to a new leadership team.

As a long-time history buff, I’m struck by the significance of today’s date - June 6 - with particular emphasis on our CoCoTax mission to promote “good government at affordable cost.”

In 1944, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the assault on the Nazi Reich, which had occupied virtually all of Western Europe. Although losses were high, and the defenders well entrenched, individual effort and bravery overcame the German forces and began the whirlwind drive to meet the Russians coming from the East. Not only was the ultimate military victory noteworthy, but the enlightened post-war reconstruction of both the German and Japanese economies turned these former enemies into solid allies, a classic example of good government policy on the global scale.

At the state level, in 1978 California voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 13, the landmark taxpayer revolt which constrained future government spending and required a 2/3 vote on any new property taxes. Contrary to the incessant cries from public and teacher unions against Prop 13, government in California takes in more tax revenue than ever, but not enough to stem the ever-rising tide of mounting pension and other debt. (Note that over half of today’s Contra Costa residents were not alive when Prop 13 passed, and are not aware of its real impact and significance.)

As a non-partisan public education organization, CoCoTax does not engage in candidate campaigns, but we do work closely with the Howard Jarvis TPA and other taxpayer advocacy groups to speak out against government fiscal malfeasance and abuse.

Please continue to help us in this most urgent battle. Our children and grandchildren’s futures are at stake.

Jack Weir

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