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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Contra Costa Taxpayers Videos

CoCoTax believes in honest and open communication.  We offer guest speakers in the spirit of being well-informed and of informational value.  Views expressed by guest speakers are their own or the agency they represent.  Videos are of varying length.  Please be patient during loading.

  • Bernard Ashcraft - Bay Area Business Round Table
  • CoCoTax Hosts Hercules City Council Candidates Forum
  • Michael Shellenberger to CoCoTax
  • Susan Pricco - CoCoTax General Membership Meeting Discussing Election 2020
  • Robert Brown from Western States Petroleum Association to CoCoTax

Robert Brown WSPA Slideshow.pdf

  • Rhovy Lyn Antonio from California Apartment Association (CAA) to CoCoTax
  • BART Board Director Debora Allen Presentation to CoCoTax
  • Supervisor Candace Anderson Presentation to CoCoTax

Candace Anderson CoCoTax Slideshow.pdf

  • Michael McGill and Emily Barnett - Central Sanitary District

Central Sanitary District CoCoTax Slideshow.pdf

  • RecycleSmart Presentation to CoCoTax

RecycleSmart CoCoTax Slideshow.pdf

  • Susan Kirsch on Housing Legislation in 2020
  • Jack Weir on Rent Control
  • Jack Weir gives A Primer on Prop 13
  • From our Archives: Erik Bruvold speaks to CoCoTax about PLA's (published on ABCGoldenGate YouTube Channel)

For all CoCoTax videos, click this link:  CoCoTax YouTube Channel

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