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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Measure S Defeated Resoundingly!

06 Jun 2012 12:15 PM | Deleted user

The poorly conceived Measure S for the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was solidly defeated at 56.44% against and only 43.56% in favor of this parcel tax. There was no money spent on the "No" position - CoCoTAX authored a ballot argument along with two courageous East County citizens who signed the rebuttal along with me. The "yes" side not only had mailers and signs, they were telling the residents that half their stations would be closed, firefighters let go, and their insurance rates would go up. In the face of these threats the voters still said no.

It is to be hoped that both the fire district board and the firefighters union will learn from this profound message the voters sent.

I deeply regret that CoCoTAX, its Board, and I have been treated to attacks on our character. Issues choose CoCoTAX, we don't choose them.

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