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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

CoCoTAX Under Siege for Measure S Opposition

16 May 2012 6:32 AM | Deleted user

A few supporters of Measure S have taken to attacking CoCoTAX Executive Director Kris Hunt for the organization's opposition to Measure S.  It seems they can't handle our logical arguments.

There seems to be a real disconnect on the part of some that the fact the Fire District decided to offer a tax that starts at $197 (and can grow to $250) despite a poll showing people would only be willing to pay $96. The Board and firefighers (who are funding a mailer campaign) are now threatening voters with station closures.  They refuse to accept that they created this situation by only offering this plan which INCREASES STAFFING BY 30%! 

It was not the only plan they could have offered. This is government arrogance at its worse but some are preferring to blame the messenger instead of looking in the mirror.

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