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Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Current President's Report

President's Report  - December, 2018

Those who are reading the local and national news know how stressed taxpayers are and will be as government continues to spend more than it takes in.

CoCoTax faces a severe challenge in funding all our opportunities to oppose bad government and fiscal mismanagement.

Below is information explaining what we have done this year and what we propose to do next.  Please help us by donating generously to our year-end appeal; your dollars will be put to good use, benefiting everyone who owns property, employs workers or pays sales tax or parcel taxes.

California is in a crisis. “Good Government at Affordable Cost” is nearly impossible.  CoCoTax does not support any political party or political candidates, but we must have a path to sensible government.  CoCoTax is and will continue to be part of that path.   Already exorbitant pension costs are causing cities and other agencies to cut services, lay off employees, eliminate programs and raise taxes.

What is being proposed are free universal pre-school, single payer healthcare, and free college for all; they are lining up a tax on texting, an increase in the carbon taxes as part of Cap and Trade that will raise gasoline taxes by at least $1 per gallon, and a sales tax on services, such as haircuts, lawn services, etc.  And already exorbitant pension costs are causing cities and other agencies to cut services, lay off employees, and raise taxes.

We have a core of experienced and professional volunteers to fight for you and your family, your business and/or your organization and has taken preliminary steps in 2018 to accelerate our mission to represent the taxpayers of California.   Help us be your voice to our elected officials.


Jack Weir



THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAST SUPPORT helping us fight for “Good Government at Affordable Cost.”  CoCoTax has saved taxpayers over $100 million over the past ten years, and is a significant advocate in county and regional government.  

2018 activities;                               

·      Filed over a dozen Election ballot arguments in June and November in the county.

·      Launched a new social media outreach project, based on a USC recommendation that our “message” and “content” are strong and resonate well all over the US.

·      Launched a series of 3-5-minute YouTube videos (similar to Prager-U); the first was on Prop 13 and we just finished one on rent control.  Future subjects will include unfunded public pensions and other critical matters.

·      Provided ongoing Prop 39 school bond oversight; we have members serving as watchdogs on over $2 billion in school bonds, and over $73 million in redevelopment successor agency assets.

·      Studied all 19 Contra Costa cities and the county; 15 of the cities are over $1 billion in unfunded pension debt, and the county is over $1.2 billion.  Pension payments will double over the next 6-7 years, causing cuts in vital services.

·      Established active chapters in East and West County focusing on local issues, including the under-performing East County fire district, and massive waste, fraud and fiscal abuse in the West County school district $1.6 billion bond program.

2019 Goals:

·      Push for sunset clauses in all local and regional sales and parcel tax measures.

·      Expand our social media outreach to involve and recruit younger folks; the massive mounting public pension and other debt will dramatically affect them.

·      Increase our active collaboration with Howard Jarvis and the regional Nine-County Coalition and other taxpayer advocates, to oppose bad regional measures and strengthen state legislative effectiveness.

·      Increase our support for corporate members, some of the county’s largest taxpayers.

Much of the energy (the oxygen) for our work is provided by our tremendous volunteers.  YOUR DONATIONS provide the FUEL for our business operation.

Please CONTRIBUTE to our nonprofit by giving to our Year End Appeal.

Visit www.cocotax.org and click on the DONATE button or send to PO Box 27, Martinez, Ca 94553.

Thank you so much!

Jack Weir, President                    

Jim Pezzaglia, First Vice-President         

Hal Bray, East County Chair

Sue Pricco, West County Chair

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